Programmer at robotics club & Eurobot competition


I have always been interested in robotics, but I have never tried to work with robots. About two years ago I was watching the national Eurobot competition in Serbia and got impressed by engineering challenges, as well as fair play. Two opponent teams were sharing mechanical parts just before a match, it was fantastic! And after a while, I became a member of one of the robotics team, Memristor, and since then robotics is my favourite hobby.

Spending free time in robotics laboratory
During my first year at Memristor, I learnt about embedded platforms, short-range protocols, industry class sensors and actuators, multiple algorithms how a robot can determine it's position and much more. Beside technical stuff I was interacting with students, assistants and professors from different branches of engineering (as you know robotics combine mechanics, electronics and software) and it was amazing hearing completely different approaches to a problem.

Eurobot 2016 - Paris, France
That year, I was working on improving already written software, implementing communication and writing some specific code for that competition. We were in first three teams at the national competition so we got an opportunity to travel to Paris, to world Eurobot competition. In Paris was difficult, many broken parts, coding on the field, but we managed to repair most of them. There I saw a difference between "make it work" and "make it work reliably", and the difference was huge in term of implementation.

I am looking forward to next year competition!

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